Friday, 3 January 2020

The Fedora Way - Day 1/2/3

Well if you've read my last post then you'll think that I've been running Linux as my daily driver since the 1st Jan 2020.

Well ooops, it's now the 3rd Jan and I've just wiped my hard drive and installed Fedora 31.  It's currently had no updates, the nvidia drivers need installing and er it needs making look nice :)

 One thing I have done is setup my keyboard and mouse.  I'm currently a Corsair fanboy so I have a K70 MK.2 Keyboard and a Scimitar Pro Mouse.  Well whoopde do I hear you cry.  Well they are nice keyboards and mouse, but they are rgb and I wasn't sure if Fedora would support them.

Turns out you just need to install a program called ckb-next and you can set it up the way you like it

Works a treat, onwards and upwards.

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